Hello writers!

Are you ready to join me in all things writing today? Good. Because that’s what this blog is here for: to get us all in one place with the same purpose, and run with it. And today, I know what today is. Three big things are happening in the writing community today. If you’re not savvy to them, let me get you up to speed:

1. OFFICIALLY ONE WEEK LEFT UNTIL NANOWRIMO 2013! That’s right kids. There’s just one week standing in between you and thirty days and nights of literary abandon. Now is the time to swap NaNo names (you can find me under “xnitexmarex248”—I know, weird name, don’t ask!), update your novel info, and start procrastinating by exploring the message boards. I’ve already done some of that. Here’s my novel synopsis:

NaNo Synopsis

Be sure to check out #NaNoWriMo, @NaNoWriMo, and #NaNoPrep on Twitter to connect with other NaNos!

2. Today is the “action day” of Nightmare on Query Street, a pitch contest run by Michelle Hauck. The agents are scrolling through the entries AS WE SPEAK, making requests all over the place.

3. There are a ton of book birthdays today, including Katie Teller’s much awaited Kiya: Mother of a King!

That’s the round up for today of general things, but I wanted to leave you with a bit more.

Are you stuck on planning for NaNoWriMo? My critique partner sent me this beat sheet a while back, and it’s amazing. It’s Blake Synder’s Beat Sheet, and you can find it here. It has helped me so much not only in preparation for this year’s NaNo, but also in revising last year’s manuscript.

So, check that link out and sign up for NaNoWriMo! In the meantime, be sure to join those of us on Twitter in stalking the #nightmarequery and #agenttreat feeds 🙂