Dooon’t stop wriiitin’— er, writing. *coughs*

But really, don’t stop. Why? You’ll never finish that book if you do. “I have writer’s block,” you say. “I don’t think this is any good.” “I have no idea where this is going.” “How do I query agents?” “What’s next?”

That’s what I’m here to help you with. I’m here to keep you writing, to give you advice, motivation, a shoulder to support you. I, like you, know what it’s like to go at this thing called a “writing journey” alone—and it’s lonely. Be lonely no more. This blog will serve as a jumping point, a corner stone. Come here for help, motivation, and connections. Find people just like you, allow them to help you, and then help them in return.

There are contests, critique groups, pitch parties, blog hops, blog tours, NaNoWriMo, and a whole slew of other activities to Keep. You. Connected. To keep you motivated. To help you finish writing that book, revise it, and get it out there in the world.

So are you ready to join me? I hope so.