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Ten years ago (10 already?!), I, as an eighth grader, sat in Study Hall at my Middle School scrawling away at my notebook, discovering piece by piece how to write fanfiction. I didn’t know what fanfiction was back then, not really, but it was a story called “The Lost Granddaughter” and it was… well… pretty terrible. But aren’t all beginnings rough?

I don’t remember much about the actual process of writing that story, what sparked that first idea– just that it was a fanfiction for an anime I loved. I do, however, remember what kept me writing the next story, and the one after that, and the one after that. What eventually became a story which we’ll abbreviate as GOE, started as a question regarding morality mixed with a crazy dream. Again, I don’t remember much about the process of writing GOE, but I remember the spark, the need to write.

Is that how writing finds all of us? Does it appear once, spark, and if we catch the spark, the hobby turns into a need?


Obtained from Pinterest.

It’s funny because I read about all these authors and writers who said they have been writing for longer than they can remember, and have been reading for longer than that. The truth is, I never liked reading. My grade school teachers could never get me to read anything. My mom will always say that it wasn’t until I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (much to her dislike), and subsequently discovered the official companion novels, that I wouldn’t read at all. She says I went from picture books and required chapter books for school, to full-blown YA/Adult novels. Somewhere in there came fanfiction, and from fanfiction, came my original fiction works.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. I stopped writing altogether for a while. School got busy, I grew up. I had to get a job, and that job demanded late hours. Then I went to college and was flooded with so much new information, the thought of world-building a whole new playground into creation for my characters made migraines form.

So instead I dove back into fanfiction for nearly two years, writing way more than my fair share of seaQuest DSV stories. My friends laughed at my fandom choice, but the fact that the show’s writing wasn’t that great and that they were cancelled before they could finish the last season, leaving the story effectively cut short, was what drew me in. There were plots to fix, characters to finish inventing.

What sparked me back into writing original fiction was a combination of NaNoWriMo and the discovery of the writing community. Over the last year and a half, I dove head-first into that community, and have emerged a better writer for it. Not only that, but I have found amazing, talented, and ridiculously supportive critique partners whom I absolutely adore, and I co-blog with one of them. I have also written one new novel and queried two others. All of that in just one year having been connected to this community!

That is why I made this blog, in hopes that I can reach writers like me, who just need to that push, that connection to this community to really get going. To get motivated to write again, or to never stop. Don’t ever stop. Because you’ll never finish if you do.