Hi everyone! Today is exciting because I’ll be rolling out the details on events for this blog for the coming months.

We just got done talking about first drafts, NaNoWriMo, and how to keep your momentum going. With Pitch Wars kicking into gear, and CritFest and PitchMAS right around the corner, it is important not to get contest trigger-happy.

So, two things:

1. Do NOT enter your NaNoWriMo  2013 novel into ANY content until at least the Spring.

2. Do not enter these contests if your MS is not ready.

How do you know if it’s ready? How do you know when soon is too soon?

We’ll be talking about that more in depth tomorrow. In addition, this week kicks off my Revision 101 Workshop that will run for four weeks. We will cover how to revise your novel, including:

-plot, main characters, their arcs, and world-building

-side plots and POV

-tenses and using Wordle as a tool for revision

-Line-edits, CPs, betas, and other last-item revision points. **

So, are you ready? If not, get ready because this week is going to start with a bang!

(**Revision 101 will last for four weeks, after which we’ll talk about queries, researching agents, and publishing paths for the four weeks after that. So get excited! I know I am!)